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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Some Of My Favorite Things


our shower invitat

I used a stencil & painted this flower on the door

light switch I made 

We are working on Matilda's nursery and here are a collection of some of my favorite things.  Cute clothes, nursery furniture, pictures, decals and more. Maybe this will help you be creative as well the sky is the limit. Which by the way the sky has no limit :)

Many of these items can be found on www.etsy.com

Jeans, Tees, Scarves & More


I like all these looks for different reasons. Sometimes all it takes is for us to see a picture and realized that we can look great like that as well.  The oversize shirt is always great but it should be in a flattering style like the royal blue below.  The cut is great and the flow is perfect for the baby bump.  Scarves, I can't say enough good things about them.  As you can see it focuses the eyes on the scarf and not just the baby bump.  We are never trying to hide our baby which is impossible anyway but with a look like this its cute and helps to conceal if your inny just became an outy.  So enjoy these looks and don't be afraid to experiment. If you have a below the knee length dress pair it with some leggings or nice pants you'll be surprised the looks you can pull off.

Back Off The Bump Please ( A sample from my upcoming book)

Sometimes I get the feeling that my new pregnant body must look like a genie’s lamp because I have never had so many people try to rub me in my life.  I really don’t  get the obsession of rubbing the belly.  I even had to think to myself if I ever had the urge to reach out and touch one of my girlfriends pregnant bellies and rub it...NO never had that urge.
Perhaps they are fascinated with how round I have become, or perhaps it’s like one of those stress rocks as they rub on me they fell better.  I don’t really know all I know is I don’t like it.  And the funny thing is you see this hand coming at you and it’s almost like slow motion in my eyes, only it’s not.  Before I have time to say, “no thank you” there is the hand rubbing on my belly.....oh brother!
I wonder if this is some weird ritual that started centuries ago where women said,  “This is what we’ll do, lets rub her belly  it will bring good luck.”    Who knows I can’t figure it all out.  All I know is every time I’m around my friends they start making cooing noises, then they rub and talk to my belly.
I want to tell them,  “My baby doesn’t have ears yet!” or  “Listen, I don’t want my kid to hear 100 different voices yet...just mine.”  Or , “Hey can you stop rubbing me please your wearing the flesh off my body I only have so much to go around.”  But it seems hopeless so most times I just grin and bear it.
But the next time you see a pregnant friend don’t just reach out and start rubbing...just fight the urge.
Maybe we can start a belly’s anonymous group.  “ Hi my name is Mary and I’m  a belly rubbing addict”  Hi Mary.
Who knows maybe I will start a trend.
Unless you are sure that a magic Jeanie will come out of your girlfriends belly and grant you your lifetime wish of a cabana boy, a cool tea, some grapes and a fan, please  back off the bump.

What style concerns matter to you most?



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